The internet revolution brought in many dimensions in running a business. Not only had it brought the world closer but it also provided a platform where direct interactions were dealt away with. In the process the reach of business, which use the internet as a tool, increased many fold. E-commerce is one such tool which has become now- a- days, with increased internet penetration, a model that business can neglect at their peril.

Simply put e-commerce is the online transactions of products and services. It is the market where buyers and sellers transact their business without face to face contact, using the internet as a medium. The enormous growth and reach of this medium has resulted in a proliferation of e-commerce websites and this is where cutting edge designing technology comes in. Security and the efficient running of transactions between the buyers and sellers require advanced software solutions that must be developed creatively so that the unknown buyer or sellers do not face any difficulties. It must be noted that out of more than a thousand e-commerce websites only a couple or so is in the public attention. This is because business (e-commerce sites) pays little attention to the flexibility and needs of the users. This is where YEM steps in bringing its unique design solutions by creating e-commerce sites where online payments and credit card relationship with banks are secure and easy to use, where we upgrade the products improving customer preferences and strengthen interface. At YEM we develop sites taking into consideration every requisite that our client has in order to run a successful e-commerce business.

Creating a successful e-commerce website requires advanced software applications and we at YEM are well versed in this. The various programming languages we use are: C, C++, COBOL, Visual Basic, ASP.net (C#), PHP, HTML & CSS, JavaScript & AJAX

Databases: MS Access, SQL Server 2005 and later, MySQL, SQL Lite